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Rainbow Spot Drink Stirrer

Rainbow Spot Drink Stirrer


In stock


Single rainbow spot, handmade coloured fused glass drink stirrer.

Perfect for those Christmas cocktails or hot chocolates!
They also make a great, unique gift!
Suitable to mix your Cocktails, Mocktails, Gin & Tonic or even warm drinks.
Glass is a hygienic material, easily cleaned – including in the dishwasher!

We are proud stockists of Donna Evans fused glass designs!
Donna Says ‘I produce a range of contemporary, unique and affordable ‘artworks’ for everyday use, including artwork for wall-mounting and display, gifts and ‘wearable’ art in the form of jewellery. I really love working with such a tactile medium and am very passionate about my work. I handcraft high quality, exciting and an ever-growing range of both vibrant and more natural designs to suit individual tastes. My inspirations come from nature and everyday urban and rural environments; from textiles, architecture and travel to the Great British coastline and countryside.’


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